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Learn From the World's Leading Manual Therapy Experts

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The Mission of The Barral Institute is to provide world-class manual therapy education while supporting the overall therapeutic philosophies of our developer, Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), RPT.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner looking to enhance your skills or a practitioner just beginning your career, The Barral Institute (BI) welcomes you to explore our educational opportunities and experience how these innovative therapies and revolutionary techniques can improve your patient outcomes. It is exciting, rewarding and challenging work. Visceral, Neural, Articular, Brain, and Vascular Manipulations will test your knowledge of anatomy and inspire you to learn more.

Studying in our integrative environment alongside PTs, MTs, OTs, DCs, NDs, RNs, ATs, and other healthcare professionals fosters a collaborative network that is becoming increasingly common in the healthcare arena today. Join an international network of forward-thinking practitioners, and become a great resource for clients who can benefit from your help. Together we can continue to transform health care around the globe through client-centered manual therapies that optimize health and well-being.

Barral Manual Therapies & Education with The Barral Institute

Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist, Jean-Pierre Barral. Through organ-specific fascial mobilization, VM assists functional and structural imbalances throughout the body including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. It evaluates and treats the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes, fascia, and ligaments. VM increases proprioceptive communication within the body, thereby revitalizing a person and relieving symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.

Over the past 40 years Barral has continued his extensive research and clinical work and has developed additional disciplines—Visceral Vascular Manipulation (VVM), Neural Manipulation (NM), and New Manual Articular Approach (NMAA)—in collaboration with Alain Croibier, D.O. Barral's most recent offering to the manual therapy field is his innovative treatment for helping people with brain disorders—Manual Approach to the Brain (MAB). Through BI's extensive course offerings, practitioners can have a greater impact on clients' quality of life and their health.

Receiving manual therapy training from BI is unmatched. Our training blends the science and art of health care. Our faculty are leaders in their fields. They are seasoned practitioners who love to teach and share their passion for this work. Hands-on, clinical experience will be the cornerstone of your education. With BI you will be inspired by this network of like-minded practitioners who are committed to excellence and making the world a healthier place, one student or client at a time.

Barral Manual Therapies & Education with The Barral Institute

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With quality resources, The Barral Institute's store offers a peer-reviewed selection of items, such as textbooks, reference charts, audio and video programs, anatomical models, and more. BI produces many of these products and publishes textbooks to support you in mastering what we teach in our courses, which in turn enables you to help your clients more effectively.

The Barral Institute Around The World

Access BI education wherever you are — from Argentina and Canada to the United Kingdom and Australia. BI offers classes worldwide through a collaboration with 51 International Affiliates. Through BI's international connections, our courses are available to tens of thousands of therapists each year who are helping to change lives, beginning with their own.

The Barral Institute Around The World

The Barral Institute International Network

The Barral Institute is a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE). This network of healthcare educational programs offers training in evidence-informed and evidence-based disciplines including Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Total Body Balancing, Lymphatic Balancing, and many more. These integrative trainings foster the critical thinking skills necessary to make evidence-informed clinical decisions in order to help facilitate the best possible client outcomes.

Alumni of IAHE courses become part of a global referral network, the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP).

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