Barral Institute Certified Teaching Assistants

Certified Teaching Assistants (CTA) work with the Teacher to answer questions and help during the hands-on labs. Below is the Barral Institute International CTA Team. Click on their names to learn more about each member of the Team.

Name Country
Deanne Aronson L.Ac. United States
Diane L. Beach MS, PT, MOMT United States
Herta Buller RMT Canada
Merry Kay Cormier M.Ed., P.T. United States
Kim Coyle PT, DPT, GCFP, CMT United States
Grace Dedinsky-Rutherford BSc, RMT Canada
Joanna Donnelly United States
Lorilynn Dowiak P.T. United States
Gyana Freund LMT United States
Dorinda Galbraith P.T. United States
Joseph Giacalone United States
Shelley Heisler L.M.T. United States
Tracy Hendershott P.T. United States
Elia Hutchins MA, CST-D, CVTP United States
Lenora Klassen PT, CNMP Canada
Alice Korosy LMT United States
Leilani Lee MsT, HHP United States
Susan Limburg PT, CST-T United States
Ava Litton P.T. United States
Anna Mariano United States
Bennie McClung LPN United States
Yelena Mendelson United States
Linda Oberdorfer PT, CNMP United States
Ronald Radawiecm PT United States
Marilyn Radojcich O.T.R. United States
Randi Rebne D.C., P.S. United States
Arlene Ross, PT, DPT United States
Judy Russell RPT Canada
Jeff Ryder D.C., L.Ac. United States
Bruce Schonfeld Adv Rolfer United States
Mariann Sisco PT, CST-D United States
Tom Takeuchi D.C. United States
Ghislaine Vulliet PT France
Natalie Wainani United States
Donna Waldrop LMT United States
David S. Young D.C. United States
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