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VM - Fractured C1/2, Ruptured Esophagus, Right Rib Cage Pain Claudia Mirdita, PT

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Patient Symptoms

My client is a 61 year old man, who after fracturing C1,2 (titanium plate in after) in 2003 ruptured his esophagus in 2004, and had a stomach and esophagus repair consequently. Since 2007 he was in near unbearable pain in his right rib cage area. He visited every doctor and was put on oxycontin, prednisone (which caused osteoporosis) and valium. He is a tall man, was skin and bones when he came, permanently flexed forward around the T7-9 area, his right chest cage looked like someone had put his boot in from the lateral side and pressed the all area medially . The all torso showed how the body had rearranged itself around the visceral restrictions. His left shoulder was about 20 cm than the right, with his head stuck in an extreme sidetiled position. His spine had solidified around several compression fractures and his neck felt like it had never moved since 2003. His voice was very husky. He was booked in two weeks later to have surgery for pain relief/severing nerves. I could see he was totally at the end, He was hardly able to stand up, did not say a word.

Evaluation / Treatment

I managed to get a listening in standing, very clear to the right, LL then took me to the liver. I was very aware of the osteoporosis when treating him. All I did in this first session was a liver lift in supine, which basically was in a near sitting position on my table, motility to the liver and Gallbladder (which took a long time) .I felt the listening extended to the gallbladder also. I released his first ribs and did a very long sternal lift. I released the occipital area as well. He slept through it all, got up very unimpressed by it all, feeling no different. 2 days later I find a 10 min( !!) message on my machine, that he has hope again, that he is better for the first and only time since 2007...emotional message. I gave it at least 2-3 weeks between sessions, I felt specially he needed integration time .2nd session was still him needing to sit up during the treatment, and I worked (according to the listening) on his pylorus / then all sphincters. I did an induction on his stomach, which then lead me to the liver again, I repeated the liver lift and motility, and linked the motility with the stomach. By then he had cancelled the upcoming (pain relief) surgery.


When he came back to his third visit, he walked nearly straight, he had taken up his work as a journalist again after not writing for years, his pain was maybe 20/25% of his original pain. This time I treated him lying nearly flat!! Known as an opinionated man, he followed every advice I gave him. I actually felt his system being dehydrated from my listening, and indeed he hated water, drank only milk! He immediately started on 2 liters of water daily, stopped the 30 cups of coffee a day to 2 max!, stopped smoking and reduced his medication by 3/4. Even his voice had changed to less husky!! I am still in disbelieve that such gentle techniques can result in such a change of the skeletal system. And also that it would not cause pain for a spine to straighten up that much after so long..?? His physical change is so obvious, that people ask him constantly what had happened to him by just seeing him in the street. I got now countless clients that booked in for that reason, hardly anyone with any musculoskeletal pain, just unwell for various reasons. Basically I am having a really rewarding time at work.

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