Introduction to Neural Manipulation

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Transform Your Practice with Neural Manipulation!

Are you ready to revolutionize your manual therapy approach and deliver outstanding results? Uncover the advanced benefits of Neural Manipulation (NM).

NM is a precise and sophisticated technique that enhances your understanding of the nervous system's role in health and dysfunction. This innovative approach helps you identify and release restrictions in and around the nerves, promoting optimal function and relieving symptoms. By mastering Neural Manipulation, you'll be able to provide targeted, effective treatments that address the root causes of your clients' concerns.

Unlock the potential to grow your practice with NM1, all while reducing your work hours and boosting your income. Embrace this chance to revolutionize your career and elevate your lifestyle!

An Introduction to Neural Manipulation - 3 minutes
An Introduction to Neural Manipulation - 15 minute program
An Overview to Neural Manipulation - 35 minute program
Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation a patient case example series - 60 minute program
How adding Barral Neural Manipulation will improve your practice and the health of your clients presented - 60 minute program

Customer Feedback

“These courses connect all the dots that were never connected before - nerves, organs, muscle, etc. and with so much more specificity.”

“The first Neural Manipulation course did not disappoint. It met and exceeded my expectations. It will be a game changer in my practice of sports performance on rehabilitation. Freeing the nervous system is the key to healthy pain free unrestricted movement”