Introduction to Visceral Manipulation

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Elevate Your Practice with Visceral Manipulation!

Are you ready to take your manual therapy practice to the next level? Discover the transformative potential of Visceral Manipulation (VM).

Expand your therapeutic repertoire and elevate the level of service you provide. With Visceral Manipulation, you'll not only improve your clients' well-being but also build a more successful and fulfilling practice. Embrace this advanced modality and become a leader in your field, known for delivering exceptional results and transformative care.

Unlock the potential to grow your practice with VM1, all while reducing your work hours and boosting your income. Embrace this chance to revolutionize your career and elevate your lifestyle!

Exploring Visceral Manipulation - 1 hour program
An Introduction to Visceral Manipulation - 3 minutes
An Introduction to Visceral Manipulation - 14 minute program
An Overview to Visceral Manipulation - 1 hour program
Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation a patient case example series - 1 hr program

Customer Feedback

“As a PT working in the hospital setting, patients having abdominal surgery can oftentimes be afraid to move and in tremendous amounts of pain. Since incorporating VM into my post-surgical mobility protocol, patients are experiencing benefits from the soothing effects of this treatment. They participate earlier in mobility out of bed, have less pain and nausea, and are discharged from the hospital more quickly. VM has also shown to be effective for patients suffering from constipation in the hospital. Due to this, more and more doctors are now asking for their patients to receive VM!”

“VM has totally changed my practice as a Physical Therapist; I feel I can help more patients.”